OLIOLOGY | Organic Coconut Oil - 14oz
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USDA Organic Cocnut Oil

• Natural alternative to moisturizers and hair serums
• Food grade
• Fragrance-free

Oliology Organic Coconut Oil is all natural and rich in skin-friendly saturated fats, making it perfect for use on all complexions. Versatile and healthy, this unique oil goes on smooth to leave skin feeling silky and refreshed. Unlike other oils, the consistency of coconut oil quickly absorbs into the skin and does not leave skin greasy. It also serves as an organic alternative to chemically formulated hair oils and conditioners and acts as a natural hydrator for hair adding great shine.

Contains no chemical preservatives or artificial colors. 

Store in a cool and dry place. May liquify over 75 degrees.

Directions: For luxuriously soft skin, rub a dime-sized amount (a little goes a long way) on your face and/or body. Apply as you would your normal moisturizer. Use as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp, and add a healthy shine.

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