All About Goo | Hair Conditionin Goo - 32oz

All About The Goo!  
All About Goo | Hair Conditionin Goo - 32oz.
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Argan Oil comes from a nut - so you know it’s perfect for you! It has lots of Vitamin E and Vitamin A… plus it’s an antioxidant to keep the cooties away. It’s really good stuff. Fer realz.
Coconut Oil is like the best hair ingredient ever ever ever. It makes hair stronger, shinier, softer, smoother, and much easier to get along with. It’s like family therapy. For your hair.
Shea Butter will protect your hair from harmful chemicals, blow dryers, hair tools, chlorine, straighteners and zombies. It’s true.
How to:  Squirt the goo into your hand and swish it around in your hair. Get it all over – especially the ends. Let it sit on your hair for a bit while you belt out your favorite rap tune like a boss… then rinse it out. Don’t put this goo in your eye. Or your ear. It’s for your hair.

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