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Argan Magic  
ARGAN MAGIC | Blow Straight Temporary Hair Straightener - 2 oz.
Model: 47501
Provides manageability and control until the next shampoo.
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Blow Straight Temporary Hair Straightener & Smoother

The Moroccan Beauty Secret

There are so many commitments in life as it is—why commit to a hairstyle? Perfect for those who like to flaunt both curly and straight styles, with the option to switch back and forth. Use it when you want that sleek straight hair—provides exceptional smooth manageability and control until next shampoo. Humidity and frizz resistant. Formaldehyde-free and Keratin-free.

• Blow dry in less time
• Formaldehyde-free formula
• Paraben-free

Power of Argan Oil: A natural wonder and a most remarkable beauty ingredient – loaded with powerful antioxidants, natural UV protectors, and ultra-rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids to help hair look and feel rejuvenated in so many ways. A collection of haircare products featuring Argan Oil commonly known as “liquid gold” to Moroccans. It has been used by generations of women for its valuable properties in skin, hair and therapeutic treatments.

Directions: Evenly disperse on towel dried, shampooed and conditioned hair. Use a nickel size for short hair; quarter size for long hair. Blow-dry with your favorite brush for the desired effect. No flat iron is needed!

The Moroccan Beauty Secret

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